All-inclusive fishing tours in Sweden

Our fishing tour to Lapland  is entirely à la carte and can be adapted on a day to day basis depending on your style of fishing and the fish you want. Pikes, perches, trout, salmons, pike-perc, coregones, etc…All you have to do is choose!

We live in the municipality of Norsjö, which counts about 400 lakes, as well as kilometers of river, all that within a radius of 30 km around our base camp. Imagine if we move further away.

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A XXL playground

400 lakes, hundreds of kilometers of rivers within 30 km of the base camp. A cabin by a lake and a camp on an island. Go fishing wherever and whenever you like!

Equipment for everyone

For your trip to Swedish Lapland, we provide canoes for the smaller streams, a small motor boat, two zodiacs, fishing rods for beginners…Everything has been planned!

A tailor-made trip

An all-inclusive one week tour and tailor made. Whether you would like to fish 10 hours a day or discover the region and take part in other activities, everything is possible. We can adapt to your desires on a daily basis.


Day 1 – Arrival in Swedish Lapland

Arrival at Skellefteå airport or Jörn train station from Stockholm. Welcome by a member of our team. Transfer to your guest house, located 65 km away from the airport, and 20km from the train station. You will have time to settle in your rooms before having dinner with the whole group and with your guide. It is the perfect time to get to know each other and plan your fishing tour to Lapland!
Night at Guest house.

Fishing programs a la carte

During your stay, it is possible to fish pike and perch on the Skellefteälven river, and trout from the river bank. We also have the possibility to go down a river with canoes, either for one day or for several days, looking for trout, grey ling, pikes and perch.

In addition, if you can also choose to spend a night at our camp by Bredträsk Lake, or on our island on Gissträk Lake. We know all the good spots of the region!

Even though we mainly practice catch-and-release, it is possible to keep a fish from time to time.

In order to offer these fishing tours in Swedish Lapland, we are equipped with a wide range of equipment. We like a quiet approach and prefer therefore the use of canoes. Our fleet is new and our boats are very stable and suited to small rivers or streams. Aware that this might not suit everyone, and for access to big lakes and the Skellefteälven, we have a small motor boat as well as 2 inflatable dinghies or zodiacs.

If you travel with some family member who are not very keen on fishing the whole day, we have other activities to offer such as the ones in our Summer Multi-Adventure Tour.
A good alternative to make everyone happy!

Return Home

It is now time to drive you back to the airport or the train station, with lots of wonderful memories in the head and in the heart.

Price: Fishing tours being entirely à la carte, please  contact us for any inquiries.


Fishtique is a Youtube channel that brings together three fishing addicts. Discover the first episode of their fishing trip to Swedish Lapland with Flarken Adventure.

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