All-inclusive fishing trips

In addition to your accommodation in our guest house, this all-inclusive fishing trip includes all the meals from the first day’s dinner to the last day’s breakfast. That way, you can maximise your time on the water without having to worry about food and logistics.

Arrival in Swedish Lapland    

Arrive at the airport of your choice. The closest is in Skellefteå, located 65 km (about 1 hour) away from us.
From there, you can rent a car and drive to our guest house located in the small village of Svansele, a few kilometers away from our base camp. We will be there to welcome you and show you around.
The guest house can accommodate a maximum of 6 people (for more, contact us). 

Depending on your arrival time, we can go have a look at the Skellefteälven river, which is only 200 m from the house.

The river is divided by several dams. We have Vargforsen on one end, and  Rengård on the other. These dams give us a 20 km long fishing sector which will be the main fishing area during your stay.

On the first evening, we can meet for dinner and use this time to talk about your first fishing day.

Predator trips and other options   

For your first day out on the water, you will be accompanied by one of us to the river where our boats awaits.
After a small technical and security briefing, you will be free to explore the river.
Our guide will spend the first day with you to show you 2 – 3 good spots and to  make sure you are comfortable with the equipement (boats, engines, etc…).
Even though you will spend the rest of the trip in total freedom, we remain available for advices or to give you a hand if needed.

The  Skelleteälven is rich in fish and apart from a few locals, no one fishes there. Most times, you won’t see anybody else on the water. As a result, fish get caught quite easily as they are not used to see many fishermen.

We can find a lot of predator fish, including some beautiful perches and pikes of all sizes (our record so far being a 117 cm pike).

Predator fishing remaining our strength and we recommend spending a few days exploring the river.

However, there is of course the opportunity to go to different spots and explore other areas.

The fishing permit (included in the price) give access to a part of the Petikån, a small river where we find  graylings in abundance. So get your waders ready ! 

We also have a fishing camp on an island located in the middle of Gissträsk Lake. You can choose to spend a night there to enjoy the peace and relax in the sauna. And of course fish (mainly pikes and perches).

There are a few other options if you’d like a bit more adventure. We sometimes canoe down a river and fish. It is a little bit more “sporty” but it gives access to some wild areas that are never fished.
Wild to the point that it is quite common to see a reindeer or a moose drinking by the river, some otters or beavers, as well as the one whose tracks are more common than its sightings: the brown bear…

If you travel with some family member who are not very keen on fishing, we have other activities to offer such as the ones in our Summer Multi-Activity tour. A good alternative to make everyone happy!

Return home     

The last day after breakfast, it will be time for you to drive back to the airport or towards some new adventures. 

• accommodation in our guest house and in our fishing camp on our island.
• all your meals from the first day’s dinner to the last day’s breakfast
• the rent of our boats with one full tank in each.
• safety equipment
• fishing rods if needed
• fishing permits for the section of the Skellefteälven river by our guest house (20 km)

• your flight or train tickets
• any of the taxes associated to them
•your car rental
•your travels to fishing spots
•a guide
• any extras during your different visits
• Alcoholic beverages
• your medical insurance and repatriation
• any additional filling of the boat tanks
• Fishing permits other than for the section of the Skellefteälven by our guest house
• PCR or antigen tests
• potential tips

As opposed to our winter tours and summer multi-activity summer tour, we have chosen to only take single groups per trip. This results in differents prices depending on the number of participants.


2 people :           1250 € / person
3 people :           1100 € / person
4 to 6 people :    980 € / person

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