Our camps in Swedish Lapland

For the nights in nature, you get to enjoy our camps, rustic yet comfortable.  The four very different camps we use all have a unique atmosphere. Equipped with single beds, a sauna and a small common area, they all have wood stoves and/or a chimney 


Bredträsk is a fishing cabin by a lake. It is quite small. Renovating it to accommodate comfortably 6 people was challenging and required some cleverness. It has the atmosphere of a mountain shelter and during winter, we use it for both our Dog Sledding Adventure Treks and our Multi-Adventure Tours.



Not only is Vithatten the name of our cabin, but it is also the name of the highest summit of Västerbotten that overlooks it. This beautiful timber hut is over 100 years old and had been abandoned for several years before we decided to use it as a camp. Renovating it and giving it a new life has been very satisfying.



We needed an extra camp for our Dog Sledding Adventure Trek and in the area, cabins are rather scarce. An iconic movie inspired me to create this unique camp… “Into the wild”.



This camp, used mainly for the Multi-Adventure tours and for our Fishing Trips was built entirely by our hands on an island of Gissträsk Lake. It is composed of 3 cabins, each hosting 2 people. There is also a main cabin and a sauna. Its unique style gives it a magical feel.


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