Since the beginning of Flarken Adventure, we’ve put a great emphasis on the food we serve.

In the guest houses, breakfast is in self-service. Unfortunately, we do not have fresh french baguettes to serve in the mornings as there are no bakeries in our remote area. However, we provide a wide range of homemade jams, prepared in autumn with the berries we pick. This includes blueberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and cloudberries. We also provide honey, tea, coffee, bread, milk, orange juice, sugar, etc…so you can kick start your day.

In winter, lunch and diner are always hot meals that we prepare either outside on a fire or indoors depending on the program.

In summer, eating warm food is not as important, so some meals, such as salads or sandwiches can be cold. 

We try as much as we can to get you to taste some local specialties such as reindeer  and moose meat or arctic char.

The meals we prepare  are brightened up with mushrooms and cranberries we pick in the forest in Summer and Autumn.

Once a week, we light our firewood oven to treat ourselves with some pizzas.

For the meals we take outdoors, we got rid of disposable plates and cutlery long ago. At your arrival, we provide you with a wooden bowl, a plastic cup, a wooden cup and a set of cutlery, which will be yours for the duration of the tour.

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