Unguided fishing trips in Lapland

By definition, a fishing guide is an expert who offers his services teaching and overseeing fishing techniques in all situations and locations.

In this case, I am not a fishing guide !

I only started fishing when I moved to Swedish Lapland in 2012.

Living in a country where “nature, hunting, fishing and traditions” are not political party but a way of life is incredible.

So first, I watched the few fishers around, then I tried, and I finally started to love it !

I don’t think you need someone to teach you throwing techniques or how to tie a knot.

All the fishermen who stay with us are already experienced and a lot of them have done fishing trips all over the world.

You need logistics, accommodation and advices on the best spots to fish. And this, I can do.

In the evening around the fire, I often joke about the fact that in 9 years in Lapland, I must have spent more time in the woods or on the water than in my bed. It is probably true !

All this time spent outside makes me very knowledgeable of the region. I know all the good fishing spots (depending on the water levels and weather conditions), the best boat launches, etc….

I think this is the most important point.

It will be my pleasure to sahre my experience of the region with you.

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