For our fishing trips, whether all-inclusive or autonomous, we have boats on a couple of sites.

We have two 4.6 m Sandström Classic glass fiber boats. Both are equipped with a 4 T motor and a 20 hp electric starter.  They also have an echo sounder garmin Echomap 52 ch with GPS. These boats can fit 3 people comfortably.

We also have a aluminium flat bottom boat (Klimple catch 430). It is equipped with a 10 hp motor,  an electric 40 lbs motor as well as an echo sounder Lowrance Hook 2. Thanks to its light weight, this boat is our can be taken to the river as well as to other spots such as Gissträsk Lake.

We have a 12 m2 floating pontoon equipped with a 15 hp motor. It remains on the lake where our island is located. It can comfortably accommodate 4 to 5 fishers. If need be, our boat can provide extra space.

We can also offer to canoe down a river. We have 2 Canadian canoes for 2 and 3 people as well as 2 insubmersible kayaks. The brand is BIC (like the pens) model Borneo. The seats allow for an excellent fishing position.

For your safety, each boat is equipped with an ancre, a floating ancre, different ropes and a first aid kit.
We also provide life jackets and its wera is mandatory.
In case of an emergency, phones can be used to raise the alarm at all time as we have an excellent coverage in all the fishing areas.

Travelers usually come with their own rods. However, missing luggage and breaks can happen. We have about 10 rods and some baits available for use if need be.

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