Tour Calendar


Find below the dates of our winter tours in Swedish Lapland:
Dog Sledding Adventure Trek and Winter Multi-Adventure.

For the dates of the Altai Ski Multi-Day Trek, please contact us.

For Summer and Autumn tours (Fishing Trips, Summer Multi-Activity and Autumn Dog Training), please contact us.

Dog Sledding Adventure Trek

6 participants maximum

Last updated on 22/11/2020

08/01/202115/01/20212 spaces1750 €BOOK NOW
15/01/202122/01/20214 spaces1750 €BOOK NOW
22/01/202129/01/2021FULL1750 €BOOK NOW
29/01/202105/02/20213 spaces1750 €BOOK NOW
05/02/202112/02/20214 spaces1750 €BOOK NOW
12/02/202119/02/20212 spaces1750 €BOOK NOW
19/02/202126/02/2021FULL1750 €BOOK NOW
26/02/202105/03/2021FULL1750 €BOOK NOW
05/03/202112/03/2021FULL1750 €BOOK NOW


Long Trek Adventure

6 participants maximum

 Last updated on 22/11/2020


19/03/202126/03/20215 spaces1950 €BOOK
28/03/202104/04/20216 spaces1950 €BOOK





Winter Multi-Adventure Tour

6 participants maximum

Dernière mise à jour 22/11/2020



20/12/202027/12/2020FULL1650 €BOOK
27/12/202003/01/2021FULL1650 €BOOK
03/01/202110/01/20214 spaces1650 €BOOK
10/01/202117/01/20214 spaces1650 €BOOK
17/01/202124/01/20214 spaces1650 €BOOK
24/01/202131/01/20212 spaces1650 €BOOK
31/01/202107/02/20213 spaces1650 €BOOK
07/02/202114/02/20216 spaces1650 €BOOK
14/02/202121/02/20216 spaces1650 €BOOK
21/02/202128/02/20216 spaces1650 €BOOK
28/02/202107/03/20216 spaces1650 €BOOK
07/03/202114/03/20216 spaces1650 €BOOK
14/03/202121/03/20215 spaces1650 €BOOK
21/03/202128/03/20214 spaces1650 €BOOK
28/03/202104/04/20216 spaces1650 €BOOK




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