Why choose Flarken Adventure in Lapland?

With so many dog sledding companies, making a decision as to where to go for your next adventure to Swedish Lapland can be a bit of a pain. We list below some of our strengths to help you decide whether or not you should choose Flarken Adventure for your unique trip to the Great North. 


One of our strength is our geographic location. Far from the touristic destinations, you can experience Swedish Lapland in all authenticity.

During our Dog Sledding Trek Adventure and our Winter Multi-Adventure Tour, you can be sure you won’t come across any other dog sledding or snowmobile groups, unlike in some other places in Lapland that could be compared to the Miami of dog sledding. 

Flarken is located in a Sami region still mostly untouched. This gives more opportunities to see reindeers (in spring, summer and autumn), moose and other wildlife (all year round) in their natural habitat. 

Feel like a musher!

You are alone on your sled and have your own dog team. You do not swap with anyone as passengers. This is the reason why our groups do not exceed 6 people. 

Since we make our own trails and itineraries, they can be adjusted to suit all levels. During the dog sledding treks, we sleep in rustic yet comfortable shelters, not in five-star hotels. We sleep in a different camp every night.

Our camps are awesome!

All our camps have a sauna and are made of wooden cabins or kotas that we kept as original to preserve the authenticity of the region. They can be considered “rustic high end”. It means that while they are comfortable, have beds, pillows, extreme cold sleeping bags, etc…they are in the middle of the forest and have no running water or electricity. A fire warms the cabins, a sauna serves as showers. 

Try specialties from the region!

The meals we serve are very yummy, made with local products and love. Reindeer and moose meat is bought to the Sames. Salmon doesn’t come from the Atlantic Ocean but from nearby rivers and filets are bought to local fishermen. The berries (blueberries, cranberries, raspberry, gooseberry, black current, etc…) we use for our jams or cakes, as well as the mushroom we use in our dishes, have been picked up by our little hands in the summer.

Quality equipment

All the equipment we provide, such as body suits, gloves, boots, chapkas and helmet (when needed), helps resist cold temperatures and guaranties your safety. Even though wooden sleds can seem more traditional, they are harder to drive and can break more easily than our more modern sleds, which are very strong and can withstand great shocks (hitting a tree for example)! Thanks to those, we can take narrower forest trails and are not forced to stay on wide paths.

A certified musher and super friendly team!

Another important thing to consider: Fabien has a French Mushing certification and more than 30 years experience in that field. The certification, while mandatory in France, is not required to work with dogs in Lapland or in Canada. Even though not all the mushers in the region have it, it guarantees some professionalism and knowledge.

Finally, icing on the cake, Flarken Adventure’s team is extremely friendly!

We hope this list will help you make your mind as to why choose Flarken Adventure for your trip to Swedish Lapland so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Petit déjeuner convivial au Magic Bus en Laponie Suédoise

Breakfast at the Magic Bus @Flarken Adventure


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