Winter Multi-Adventure tour in Swedish Lapland

A 8-Day / 7-Night Tour in Sweden

Pictogramme Raid chiens de traîneau en Laponie

Discover winter in Swedish Lapland with our Multi-Adventure tour, which encompasses a mini 2-day dog sledding trek, the visit of a reindeer farm, horseback riding, snowshoeing, altai skiing and more. A trip that is suited to all for a total scenery change.

A cocktail of activities

A rich and varied activity program: 3 days dog sledding, meeting the Samis and their reindeers, going horseback riding, Altai skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, spending 2 nights in nature camps, and when Mother Nature allows it, some northern lights. Everything has been planned to make your stay unforgettable.

A trip suited to everyone

Less physically demanding than the dog sledding adventure trek, this stay can be adapted to suit everyone. Families, couples, single adventurer, groups of friends, sporty or retired, there is something in it for everyone.

Minimum age: 12 years old

Just like at home!

In the heart of Lapland, far from the touristic hubs, an intimate group of 6 people, a small village house as a guest house, some homemade jams, some traditional dishes made with local, often organic products (and love), some loving happy dogs…What else to ask for?


Day 1 – Arrival to Swedish Lapland

Arrival at Skellefteå airport or Jörn train station from Stockholm. A warm welcome by a member of our team. Transfer to your guest house, located 65 km away from the airport, and 20km from the train station. Once at the guest house, you will have time to settle in your rooms before having dinner with the whole group as well as your guide. It is the perfect time to get to know each other and to talk about the Multi-Adventure Tour in Swedish Lapland.
Night at Guest house.

Day 2 – Introduction to dog sledding   

At the base camp, we start by the dressing room where we provide all the extreme cold equipment needed to make your stay comfortable. Afterwards, we head to the kennel where you meet your dog team and listen to the mushers’ explanations on how to drive a sled. Pay attention to the instructions if you don’t want to hug the first spruce tree of the trail! Now comes the time to practice: we harness our dogs and let’s go for 25 km through forests, snow covered swamp areas and frozen lakes. The trail has all the technical difficulties you will encounter during the four-day trek.

Every team is composed of one guest and four dogs. All follow the musher who guides you along the trail with his advices. At the end of day, we head back to the base camp and those who wish can relax in a sauna.

Day 3- Horseback riding and Altai skiing – Multi-Adventure Tour in Swedish Lapland

Today, we head to Svansele, a neighboring village where Floriane offers horseback riding with her Icelandic horses. They wait for us ready in the stables. This half-day trek starts by following some forest trails that take us in the deep silence of Lapland’s wilderness. These small horses are very well trained and easy to handle, whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.

After lunch at Floriane’s farm, it is time to try Altai skiing. Those skis originated in the mountains of Asia where hunters used them to move around. Short and wide, they mix of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, blending gliding and mobility. They are ideal for the rugged landscape of the north. Fun guaranteed, even if you have never skied before.
After an afternoon tea by the fire, we return to the base camp where we can feed the dogs together and you can enjoy a sauna.

Day 4 – Visiting a reindeer farm and afternoon “trapper” 

This day is dedicated to the Sami culture. For that, we meet a reindeer herder, Börje, and visit his farm. You will hear about the life and traditions of his people, who were once nomads traveling with their herds. This visit allows to interact with some domesticated reindeers as well as to see a big herd. For lunch, you get to taste reindeer meat, prepared by Börje himself.
Early afternoon, we leave the farm. After a short car ride, we arrive at Gissträsk Lake. It is on one of its island that we will spend our first night in nature. Crossing a forest and the lake on our Altai skis, we get to our unique camp composed of 3 intimate cabins and a main hut. The evening is spent relaxing in the sauna, enjoying a hot meal by the fire, and with a bit of luck, admiring some northern lights.

Day 5 –Snowshoeing, ice fishing, Altai skiing and relaxation – Multi-Adventure Tour in Swedish Lapland

This day is more laid back and you are free to manage your time as you wish. So, no timetable to go by, you can even sleep in if you like. During the day, you can go ice fishing. First, you will need to use some muscles to pierce a hole through the thick layer of ice with a drill and then, your patience will be tested. You must sit and wait for a trout or a perch to bite the fishing hook. In addition, you can go snowshoeing around the majestic lake. Later in the day, we put on our skis and head back to the car to return to the base camp where a sauna is waiting.

Day 6 – Dog Sledding Mini-Trek Day 1

After a good night sleep, we head to the base camp where you meet your dog team. The sleds need to be loaded with our personal belongings, our food, the dogs’ meals and some other essentials such as cooking pans, wood, water, etc. Then, let’s go for 2 days of Adventure! After a few easy kilometers on forest trails, we ride through vast snow-covered swamp areas and dense woods that can be a bit more technical. Forty kilometers later, we arrive at our camp. First, we settle the dogs and feed them. Then, you can enjoy the sauna while your guide cooks dinner over the fire. This enchanting cabin is one of our favourites: harmonious and peaceful. We also use it for our Dog Sledding Trek Adventure. It is an ideal place to observe northern lights. Enjoy the silence for this last night in the heart of the forest.

Day 7 – Dog Sledding Mini-Trek Day 2     


After feeding the dogs and having our breakfast, we load the sleds and take a trail that follows the Petikan river, which shelters an important population of beavers. We journey 40 km back to the base camp through forests, frozen lakes and snow covered swamp areas. As soon as we are back, we see to the dogs before going for a last relaxing moment in the sauna.

Day 8 – Return home from your Multi-Adventure Tour in Swedish Lapland

It is now time to drive you back to the airport or the train station, with lots of wonderful memories in the head and in the heart.


** Please note that the schedule can vary and not all the tours are in the order presented above.

Price per person (flights not included) 
ADULT 1650

(Min. age: 12 years old)

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