Our Base Camp: Flarken

Welcome to our base camp in Swedish Lapland! 

The locality of “Flarken” gave its name to our dog sledding company and is the central point of our base camp in Swedish Lapland.

Animals (mostly dogs)…

Fabien is the owner and founder of the company. Therefore, he lives at the base camp all year round with his sled dogs, some house dogs, some hens and 2 cats.
There, everything gravitates around the pack. In fact, the office has a panoramic view of the kennel. This enables to see the dogs go about their daily lives but also to spot any problems right away. 

 Our sled dogs live two by two in enclosures of 50m2 and they also have about 5000 more m2 to run and play.
They follow a rich and balanced diet, composed of salmon, chicken meat, and dry food of varying quality depending on whether they are training/working or not. There is a dog kitchen right by the kennel where we prepare all our furry friends’ meals. We follow with strict protocols and sanitary rules to ensure the safe and healthy preparation of their food. In addition, the base camp has a veterinary room with some first aid equipment.

…and men (and women too)
Flarken is also where we welcome our guests before almost every activity of the trip. Meet Flarken Adventure’s team with who you will spend some incredible time here.
All our one-week long tours start in the dressing room where we have all the winter gear necessary for your adventure. Chapkas, extreme cold jackets, mittens, dozens of pairs of boots, etc. We have everything to make your stay comfortable…
We also have a sauna, a pizza oven for our pizza night every Saturdays and a stove we call “Bruno”.



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