A 8-Day / 7-night Tour in Sweden

Pictogramme Raid chiens de traîneau en Laponie

During this Dog Sledding Trek Adventure in Swedish Lapland,  journey through the wild with your own dog team for 5 days. With 3 overnight stays in different wild camps, some rustic, some unusual, it is the Adventure! Discover some other activities Swedish Lapland has to offer, such as ice fishing and snowshoeing.

A professional guide

Thirty years spent in the woods with his dogs shaped his character, but most of all, gave him a rare expertise in dog sledding trek organisation in all conditions.

Back to nature

Forget your daily routine! The wilderness, the silence, the bewitching lights of the Great North…Take it all in! Live a unique adventure with your four-legged travel companions.

Adventure with comfort

Forest cabins or unique wild accommodations, our nature camps mix comfort and rusticity. Enjoy a sauna while dinner cooks slowly on the fire.


Day 1 – Arrival in Swedish Lapland

Arrival at Skellefteå airport or Jörn train station from Stockholm. Welcome by a member of our team. Transfer to your guest house, located 65 km away from the airport, and 20km from the train station. You can settle in your rooms before having dinner with the whole group and with your guide. It is the perfect time to get to know each other, to answer questions and to prepare yourself for your first day dog sledding.
Night at the Guest house.

Day 2 – Introduction to dog sledding   

At the base camp, we start by the dressing room where we provide all the extreme cold equipment needed to make your stay comfortable. Once dressed properly, we head to the kennel where you meet your dog team and listen to the mushers’ explanations on how to drive a sled. Pay attention to the instructions if you don’t want to hug the first spruce tree of the trail! Then comes the time to practice: we harness our dogs and let’s go for 25 km through forests, snow covered swamp areas and frozen lakes. The trail has all the technical difficulties you will encounter during the four-day trek. Every team, composed of one guest and four dogs, follows the musher who guides you along the trail with his advices. At the end of day, we head back to the base camp and those who wish can relax in a sauna.

Day 3 – Dog Sledding Trek in Swedish Lapland Day 1

After harnessing the dogs, we load the sleds with all we need for the four-day trek: your personal belongings, our meals, the dogs’ food and some other essentials such as cooking pans, wood, water, etc. Then, it’s time to go!
Around midday, we stop somewhere in the woods and light a fire to make lunch.
In the middle of the afternoon, we arrive at our first camp. We start by settling the dogs for the night. We need to light up fires, get some water at the nearby river and feed the dogs. Only then, you will able to relax in a sauna while your guide prepares a delicious meal on the fire.

Day 4 – Dog Sledding Trek in Swedish Lapland Day 2

The morning always starts by feeding the dogs. We then take our breakfast, get everything ready, load the sleds and off we go!
Today, we travel 40 km through huge swamps areas to Vithatten, the second highest peak of the region. So few people come through this area that we often see wild animals, such as moose, black grouses, snow grouses, capercaillies, etc…. We have even seen wolverines’ footprints a couple of times!
Our camp, located at the base of the mountain, is a 100-year old cozy cabin that we restored. We even built a sauna!

Day 5 – Dog Sledding Trek in Swedish Lapland Day 3

Same morning ritual: we feed the dogs, take our breakfast, load the sleds and off we go!
We first head south-east, crossing the natural reserve of Vithatten. We then follow the Petikån River, which shelters an important population of beavers. In late afternoon and after a journey of about 45 km, we arrive at the edge of Bredträsk Lake. There awaits our last wild camp.
Like every evening, after the usual routine with the dogs, you can enjoy a sauna. The most courageous ones can refresh themselves in the snow!

Day 6 – Dog Sledding Trek in Swedish Lapland Day 4

Today, we need to journey 48 km back to the base camp. We head south crossing Allträsk Lake, which is parallel to Sylver Road; a legendary road that once connected the silver mines of the north to the cities of the south.
We stop for lunch by the edge of the Skellefteäven River, and then head in the direction of the base camp. At our arrival, we first see to the dogs. You can then relax in a sauna before returning to your guest house.

Day 7 – Snowshoeing and ice fishing   

For this last day, we go on a snowshoeing trek to a small lake close to the base camp. There, you are introduced to ice fishing.
You first need to use some muscles to pierce a hole through the thick layer of ice with a drill and then, your patience will be tested. You must sit and wait for a trout or a perch to bite the fishing hook.
Back at the base camp, you can enjoy your last sauna before returning to your guest house. Your guide joins you for the last dinner.

Day 8 – Return home

It is now time to drive you back to the airport or the train station, with lots of wonderful memories in the head and in the heart.


Price per person (flights not included)
ADULT 1750

Flarken’s advice: Going for a Dog Sledding Trek Adventure in Swedish Lapland is a personal commitment, it means pushing back your limits and leaving your comfort zone. You cannot decide to come for a dog sledding trek in Lapland like you would decide to go to the movies! Choose the trip that suits you and live the Adventure, don’t consume it!!


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