Our guest houses in Swedish Lapland

Moving to an isolated region of swedish lapland, far from the tourist hubs, comes with some challenges in terms of accommodation.

We chose not to built accommodations by the base camp because the dogs can be noisy at night. They often sing to the moon !

We instead opted to buy houses in the neighbouring villages and renovated them as guest houses.  They are all located in 3 different villages 10 kms away from the base camp. We refer to each house by the name of the village where they located : Renström, Ralund et Svansele.

Our 3 guest houses are equipped similarly with:

  • 3 bedrooms, with 2 single beds in each
  • A living room
  • A dining room
  • A kitchen
  • A shared bathroom


This red brick house was our first guest house.  About 1 km below the ground run the galleries of a gold mine still functioning. This can remind one of the North American gold rush and some of the Klondike stories.  This house accommodates our guests doing the dog sledding trek adventure. 


This old lady, built around 1890 got renovated a few times over the years. The village in which it is located has only about 20 houses. It is very peaceful and quiet. This guest house accomodates our winter multi-activity guests.


This is our latest guest house. By the Skellefteäven river. In summer, the house is perfect for our fishing trips, and in wnter, we accommodate our winter multi-acitivity guests. Our neightbour Olof is a farmer and it is from his farm that we buy the potatoes and carots that we put in the dish we serve. It is 100% organic and local !  Olof’s small shop is self-serve and it is open 24/7.  It is based on trust. Everybody writes what one takes, adds it up and puts the money in a plastic container.

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