Autonomous fishing trips

For total freedom, we offer autonomous fishing trips. This means that our guest house, boats and fishing sites are yours for the week. You are free to organise your meals as you like. 

You can arrive at the airport of your choice and rent a car to get to our base camp. You would need to organise your grocery shopping before hand, either in town at at the small super market in the village of Kusfors. This is also where you can get your fishing permits.

We will welcome you in our guest house in the village of Svansele. The house can accommodate a maximum of 6 peoples (for more pax, please contact us).
The house is yours for the duration of your stay.

For your first day out fishing, we will take you to the Skellefteäven river where our boats await. After a short technical and safety briefing, you will be on your way to explore the river.
Our guide will spend the first day on the water with you in order to show you 2-3 good spots on the river and to make sure you are comfortable with the equipment (boats, engines, etc..)
Then, you will be in complete autonomy for the rest of your stay. We remain available for advices or for a hand.

You also have the possibility to use our canoes to fish smaller rivers or to spend a night at our fishing camp on our island on Gissträsk Lake.

•Your accommodation in our guest house and in our fishing camp
• Guiding by a member of Flarken Adventure’s team on your first day
•The use of our boats with one full tank in each
• All the safety equipment
•Fishing rods or other fishing equipment if needed

•your flight or train tickets
•any of the taxes associated with them
•your car rental
•your travels to fishing spots
•a guide
•any extras during your travels or different visits
•food and meals
•alcoholic beverages
•your medical insurance and repatriation
•any additional filling of the boat tanks
•fishing permits other than for the section of the Skellefteälven by our guest house
•PCR or antigen tests
•potential tips

As opposed to our winter and multi-adventure summer trips, we have chosen to only take single groups per trip. This results in different prices depending on the number of participants.

2 people :                900 € / person
3 people :                800 € / person
4 to 6 people :        700 € / person

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